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The reopening comes after a large investment
The service offers better quality and more oppening hours

Reapertura Piscina
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Torrevieja, 22nd November
Víctor Ferrández, Sport Councillor, has offered a press conference today in order to announce the indoor swimming pool reopening in Torrevieja as well as give other details about the new opening hours, investment and other issues done in order to reopen it.

The councillor added that the swimming pool closed on June 2016 and later, during the summer season, it was not able to reopen again. So it has been closed for a year. "In 2016, I assumed the management of the department and there were plenty of challenges, one of them was to reopen the swimming pool and set it in the best possible status" has said the councillor, who recogniced that "it has not been easy".

Tomorrow the swimming pool will be reopen and this time it fulfills all chemical analysis such as the water climate conditioning and the environment conditions, "even though all changes done, we would not stop here, the improvement acts will continue during all the legislature. But with no need of closing it again", has said Ferrández.

Reopening investment
Ferrández has explained that in order to offer this service, around 120.000 euros have been spent, adding alsotwo contracts done fro swimming pool services: chemical products contract 15.000 euros per year and the combustible supplies 114.000 euros per year.

The councillor councluded that "after investing 120.000 euros and improving the swimming pool we hope that users can notice the improvement and the services quality, so that everybody can enjoy the indoor swimming pool during the winter as well as its new opening hours".

Reapertura Piscina
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Reapertura Piscina

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