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Electronic Invoice: How to submit an invoice in Torrevieja's town hall

1- Format: suppliers must submit the invoices in format Facturae 3.2.
This format can be generated in several commercial applications. Moreover, there is a free app, together with all information needed regarding this topic in , which belongs to the Spanish Government. (Application:

2- Referral:
Invoices can be submitted from the different billing programmes which use the web service FACe (Spanish government) , such as the free program mentioned above.

It can also be done directly in the site FACe FACe (Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas) , specifically in the web page

To do so, Java will need to be installed in the browser and a digital certificate also needs to be done by any of the qualified entities. In this web page you can find information about how to get the certificates.

Anyway, the supplier must sign up in FACe , specifically in the web page FACe , specifically in the web page

Factura Electrónica

3- Codes:
The following codes must be included in the invoices:
. Accounting office: L01031339
. Management body: L01031339
. Processing Entity: L01031339

4- Follow-up:
Through FACe , suppliers can check the processing status of invoices, attaching a digital certificate or showing the invoice number and its amount.
Furthermore, once the invoice has been forwarded, FACe will inform by email any change of status there might be.

Factura Electrónica (2015)

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